The Mid-American Geospatial Information Center (MAGIC) provides access to NASA remote sensing data. Users include state agencies, federal agencies, regional and local governments, academic institutions, public schools, businesses and the general public. As a catalyst for advanced technology, MAGIC combines products from NASA's remote sensing programs with Texas-based developments in leading-edge information technology, computer visualization techniques and Internet2 data transmission network.

One goal of the MAGIC program is to develop a rapid response capability to provide remote sensing data to address a broad range of applications in the region. This effort builds upon a cooperative effort between the University of Texas and and the Texas Geographic Information Council, a group with representatives from many Texas agencies and universities. To support that goal, UT-CSR operates a direct broadcast satellite receiving station for rapid acquisition of data from orbiting satellites. UT-CSR also downloads data from the NASA EOSDIS and the USGS EROS Data Center in South Dakota via the high-speed Internet2 network.

View images from the MAGIC direct broadcast receiving station.